Recommended reading Suggested additional reading
  • A.E. Waite: Saint-Martin, the French Mystic
    Waite spent twenty years studying the works of Saint-Martin. In the course of his quest, he gained a very full appreciation of Saint-Martin’s doctrines, and was eager to share his enthusiasm for this “grandest of the French mystics” with this excellent brief monograph.

  • A.E. Waite: The Unknown Philosopher
    One of the best study of Saint-Martin in English.

  • R. Ambelain: Martinism, History and Doctrine
    A seminal work on Martinism by one of the most prominent figures of 20th century French occultism and spirituality.

  • M. Bogaard: 1891 Supreme Conseil de l’Ordre Martiniste
    An overview of the first Supreme Conseil and lines of succession.

  • M Bogaard: Manifestations of the Martinist Order
    A listing of the different Martinist Orders which were founded after the death of Papus in 1916.

  • F. Von Baader: The Secret Teachings of Martinez Pasqualis
    This work traces the evolution of the various doctrines generated by the work of Martinez Pasqualis, identifying similarities and differences between the different systems, explaining their genesis and historical development by presenting in detail the sources and reliable historical documents, allowing a greater understanding of the nature of Martinism.

  • P. Sédir: History & Doctrines of the Rose-Croix
    In 1614, an anonymous booklet appeared in Kassel, entitled Fama Fraternitatis Roseae Crucis, which told the life of Christian Rosenkreuz: after 120 years from his death his body would still be found intact, surrounded by symbols and initiatory signs. The booklet may have been circulating as a manuscript as early as 1610. But probably the origins of the Christian esoteric order are earlier. Sedir says for certain that this fraternity had existed, albeit unknown, since the Christian era. According to him, the Gnostics, the doctors of the Catholic Church, the alchemists, the Spanish Kabbalists and the Arab current of thought are nothing but multifaceted aspects of a knowledge of which the Rose Cross represents the synthesis.

  • F.U.D.O.S.I: Volume 1 Number 1
    FUDOSI was a federation of autonomous esoteric orders found on 1934.

  • S. Prezioso: Martinism: From France to Great Britain
    A short history of Martinism in Great Britain.